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पानी ही है

ए दरिया है, वो सागर है , ए बदल है, वो वारिस है, आँख से जो बहता है, आँसू जिसको कहते हैं, पानी है, सब पानी है।

a salute to malala

you have not to see the sky, you have not to walk the soil, you have not to breath the air, you have not to drink the water, because it is mine. i want control you, i want define you, i want protect to god, i want die to god, i want you, to be like me, because only i know the god, this text is right, this path is right, this clothe is right, because only i am the right. why you think? why you dream? why you know? why you protest? when i am here. i will preach, i will define, i will decide, how to live, how to die, how to pray, how to cry, i am the master, i am the ruler.